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What I've learned since my last blog post

This site always prompts you to enter a "catchy title" in the title space. Well, that is a lot of pressure. How do I know if something is going to be catchy to someone else? Anyway, I digress.

What I have learned about myself is that I'm not very good at keeping up with blog posts. Ha! April 27th was my last one. It's the middle of September, y'all. Good grief. In my defense...... I have had a promotion in my "full time" job, moved across country to start a new job because of said promotion, my hockey team won the Stanley Cup (this is surprisingly time consuming), we bought a house, my husband has retired from the military to start his new career as a real estate agent, and we now have two bonus-kids living with me full time! (Thanks to my BFF for the term bonus-kids, instead of step-kids.) I guess that's a lot of stuff since April. I feel better.

Still, it doesn't change that this is truly my passion. Running and managing your own business, no matter how small - takes some time. Which I am hoping to find some of soon! Anyone know where I can get one of those time-turner things from Harry Potter??

This is Lake Tahoe, before we left the Bay Area to move to Alexandria. You should go if you've never been.


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