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Can we talk about this family??

When I moved here, it was anothr stop on my list of places we've lived. I was still active duty military, and I had no idea how long we'd be here. When you own a small business, of any kind, word of mouth and referrals are the best you could hope for in terms of growing your business. But, when you relocate every 3 years, it's difficult to gain traction on that front! In an effort to grow my business locally, I put out a model-call for maternity photos. And that was when I met this beautiful couple, pregnant with that sweet girl you see. We connected, and that rolled into newborn photos, one year photos and now annual family photos. It is a dream come true! Since retiring in the area, I am able to see and watch little ones grow up. They're families grow, personalities shine through, and it is just really special. I am so blessed to know this family and I look forward to their photos every year!


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